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Owner / Broker / Asset Manager

I was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana. My wife Sarah and I have 2 amazing children, Isabella and Arie. My hobbies include coin collecting, writing, economics and spending time with my family. I graduated from Harrison High School and went on to attend and graduate from Purdue University. Continuing my education, I then achieved a Master’s Degree in Business at IWU. The start of my management career was in retail and later in real estate as an Asset Manager. That was when I realized my passion for the business.

Having managed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate, I have experience from the front lines all the way to the top corporate decisions. Real estate has never felt like work to me but rather a passion for helping people in the community find homes as well as helping fellow investors grow their portfolio. That is why my business partner and I started this company, to take each of our strengths and experiences to help as many people as possible.

Meet KIM
Owner / Operations / Photographer

The classes I took during my Bachelor’s & Master’s relating to marketing, promoting, training & development, business, psychology & photography were my favorites! That along with my 20+ years of managing restaurants, teaching, and developing training for businesses have created a strong foundation for my venture into Elite Property Management & Realty. In my spare time I love spending time with family & friends, working with my photography & wellness businesses, and making sure to take time to enjoy the “little things” in life. 

Owner / Managing Broker

I’ve worked in Real Estate since 2006 when I left Best Buy as a Department Manager to start as a Sales Counselor for C.P. Morgan, an Indianapolis Home Builder. I worked for them until they closed their doors during the housing crisis that plagued our nation.  After working for another builder, Arbor Homes in Lafayette, I branched out into traditional Real Estate sales at Keller Williams. I started selling and listing homes. I then was able to manage over the years to buy and flip 11 homes, buy 4 rental properties and learn to to self direct money in IRAs into Real Estate.  In 2018 I left Keller Williams and decided to open up my own Real Estate Brokerage, Elite Property Management & Realty. Now I, along with my business partners, have a team of agents behind us, a crew of home builders, construction specialists, including a handyman for that home project that you’re looking to do. We currently manage over 100 properties and can assist with rentals, new home purchases, resales, or investment homes. We can even help you manage your properties or start to get you on the path to build that portfolio. I’m here to help and be of service in any way I can.

Office Coordinator

Having a family who has worked in realty and title companies for 20+ years has given me insight to the life of a realtor, investor, and property manager. I’ve had over 10 years of office experience. In a professional setting I crave organization & efficiency. I love a friendly atmosphere and seeing people looking on the positive side of things. 

Broker (Indiana & Florida)

Like my father before me, I became interested in a real estate career early on in my life. My 37 years of real estate experience has taken me to various locales in Indiana and Florida. I’m currently licensed in both states. I’ve seen the best and worst of markets. If you can believe, my first year in the business interest rates were around 13-16%! Over the years I’ve helped buyers and sellers with transactions in residential, commercial and income properties. I accepted Kevin and Ryan’s offer to join Elite because of their market knowledge, experience and bountiful energy!  So whether you’re buying, selling or investing, please give me a call to jumpstart your positive experience.

I graduated from West Lafayette High School and Purdue University. My wife of 25 years and I enjoy the diversity that our University town offers. I’ve watched our community grow up to be a fine place to live and play. Go Boilers! We see exciting growth and opportunities for the foreseeable future, and we’re very pleased to be a part of it!


Having spent almost 19 years in the construction industry and nuclear power management, Matt has come to Elite Property Management, in an effort to better serve his previous clients, as well as all his newer ones with more services, more assistance in the buying and selling of all the forms of real estate.  Property management, generational wealth establishment, and of course his trademark bad jokes and situational comedy.

Matt is the only Licensed Commercial Electrical Contractor and Licensed Real Estate Broker with viable construction experience and project management experience in the area! The self-branded “Elecrator” is your choice for all aspects of real estate.  Bringing you advanced problem-solving techniques and project management experience to the negotiating table. 

Matt is a father of two, an avid home cook, and a graduate of both RECP,  NJ ATC, and is currently enrolled in CCIM. He is active in the area in which he lives and resides, and is able to help you and yours with any form of Agricultural, Residential, Commercial, New Construction, Electrical related issues, and overall Construction management.  And of course where to find the best pizza in the area.

 Contact Matt today for more information. 

“The only Elecrator in the area!”


Lana - Web PNG - JUL 2020

Although I have worked in property management for over 20 years, things are constantly changing. Every day can be an adventure, exciting, & I must say, can be a little stressful on occasion, but also very rewarding.

I am a widow with 5 grown children, 14 grand children & 2 great grandchildren. We have a lot of fun when we get together. My part time hobbies are painting, gardening, floral design, making jewelry, sewing & laughing with family & friends.

Elite Property Management & Realty is a great company to work for. It would be a pleasure to have you stop in. We offer apartments, duplexes, condos and houses. Our Real Estate team can also assist in buying a home. Quiet often people qualify to buy & do not even realize it. Thank you for taking the time to check us out!



Multiple years in banking and personal finance has reflected my interest in being diligent in getting the numbers right. Being a mother of 2 quickly growing children keeps me practicing in timeliness and multitasking.


Austin - Web - 2023 AUG

I’ve worked in the construction business for many years and have done a fair amount of work on home improvements.



My name is Keith Martin. I have been in maintenance for 30 years and have flipped many properties in the Kokomo, IN area. I have also been hired as the sole contractor on other’s flip houses. Being a private landlord and a hired contractor to do repairs on multiple rental properties and flips have given me insight to what it takes to keep things above standard in a Property Management company. In addition to that, I have built a few different houses from the ground up, like the house I currently live in.

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